From the World to Japan - Providing Advanced Technology and Consulying - Scientific Instruments Business Unit

The Scientific Instruments Business Group of Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. is involved in the import of instruments from prominent overseas suppliers for sales to industries and research laboratories such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, automobile and energy industries, as well as in government and university laboratories in Japan.

The Group is comprised of sales engineers, field service engineers and application specialists to provide a wide range of analysis solutions including analyzers, software, integrated systems and consultation for FTIR, GCMS, QMS components, emission spectroscopy, analysis of physical properties, image analysis and so on.

We also assist foreign suppliers in developing new market in Japan, utilizing our application specialists and field service engineers, who are trained in many workshops and laboratories so as to keep up with the latest developments in the various high-technology fields.

In order to expand service offerings and meet the diversified needs of customers swiftly and flexibly, we have Sanyo Technos, a subsidiary company for technical support.

He offers appropriate after-service to our customers and can connect you to them.

Our Main Products

Tribology analyzer & equipments (Falex, Strama, Phoenix Tribology, Spectro Inc, GasTOPs, Tannas, Predict, and others) /Emission, Atomic absorption, X-ray analysis(Oxford instrument) / FTIR-UV-VIS, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence and accessories (Sanyo, Labsphere, SCINCO, Harrick, Pike) / GCMS, QMS, TOFMS (Extrel) / IR-EPOCH, Disk Checker (Sanyo) / Optical Oxygen, CO2, pH meter(PreSens)、Respirometry in mitochondrial physiology and pathology(Oroboros)/ Online Glucose lactic acid, glutamic acid sensor(CCIT) Dispersion stability measurement, microrheological measurement, GEL evaluation(Formulaction) Surface tensiometer, Contact angle meter, foam analyzer(KRUSS) / Gloss meter, MFFT, viscometer(Rhopoint instrument) Weathering testing, Cyclic corrosion (Q-Lab)